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Panglao Island Bohol, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines,
Selling price : Php 1,200,000
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Land space : 200 m²

FOR SALE:  BEACH FRONT PROPERTIES AND OCEAN VIEWS IN Panglao Island, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines BEACH PROPERTIESAS OF  October’ 2021 TOWNHOUSE -Code# A74 SONGCULAN, DAUIS- Discover a home that lets you experience true sea view as well as the city view. A fusion of modern structure and fresh vibrant color with 60 meters cliff frontage only. Floor Area: 66-75 sqm.    Ph 3,980,000.00 Floor Area:75-82 sqm.     Ph 6,980,000.00 BEACH LOT - Code # A86 DAO, DAUIS- White – Dauis Panglao Island. 150k sqm (15 has.) white beach. Price P2, 850,000,000.00 (19k/sqm) beach frontage 240 meters. With a house with a swimming pool. Along cemented barangay road which is 120 meters road frontage, near high-end Flushing Meadows Resort. Lot Area: 150,000 sqm. @ Ph 19,000.00/sqm. Total Selling Price:      Ph 2,850,000,000.00 OPTION. Dao Dauis Panglao Island. 60,000 sqm (6 hectares) at 25k per sqm or P1, 500, 000,000. The Beachfront is 240 meters. With a house with a swimming pool. Along cemented barangay road which is 120 meters road frontage, near high-end Flushing Meadows Resort. Lot Area:  60,000. sqm. @ Ph 25,000.00/sqm. Selling Price:   Ph 1,500,000,000.00 LOT ONLY - Code #A88 Tabalong, Dauis, Panglao Island Bohol- 160.23 meters beach frontage, along barangay road. Lot Area: 30,860. sqm. @ Ph 14,136.00/sqm. Selling Price:  Ph 436,250,000.00 BEACH CLIFF - Code# A88-A Tabalong, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol- with 18.88 meters beach frontage and 4 meters wide right of way. Lot Area:   5,390. sqm. @ Ph 10,000.00 Selling Price: Ph 53,900,000.00 BEACH CLIFF - Code# A118 Songculan, Dauis, Bohol- beach frontage is 42.37 meters with a common swimming pool. Terms: 30% down, 70% Balance payable in 1 year. Lot Area:  812. sqm. @ Ph 6,774.00 Selling Price:   Ph 8,120,000.00 BEACH RESORT- Code # A124 SUBA, TALIBON, BOHOL - 8 cottages w/ CR, each cottage is 1 room P2,000 per night for foreigner, P1,500.00 per night for local 1 cottage where the owner is staying, 1 building restaurant/coffee shop/ function room/ billiard tables, 1 two story w/ 3 rooms for the staff w/ 2 gen set, 1 seater outrigger w/ engine 90 hp 4DR7 Mitsubishi w/ deep well & reservoir 1,500 liters. Lot Area:  7,197.sqm. Selling Price:    Ph 45,000,000.00 LOT ONLY- Code# A173 VIRGEN, ANDA- Along the highway, 2nd lot and 300 meters from the beach, with fence, coconut trees, 52.32 meters frontage. Lot Area: 5,596. sqm. @ 1,200.00/sqm. Selling Price:  Ph 6,715,200.00 BEACH CLIFF - Code#179 CABILAO ISLAND, LOON- 48 meters beach frontage. 30 meters from concrete barangay road, near Talisay Wharf, with three (3) existing cottages w/ CR, kitchen, rainwater collector, dressing room, common big septic vault (carved from solid rock), and existing worker’s quarter, secured w/barb wire fence on G.I pipe posts. Lot Area:  2,871.sqm. @  Ph 1,742./sqm. Selling Price:  P5,000,000.00 HOUSE AND LOT - Code@ A190 SONGCULAN, DAUIS- Along the river, 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets & baths, centralized water heater, terrace, living area, dining/kitchen, service area, car park, w/ 112 sqm. floor area. Lot Area:  120. sqm. Floor Area:  112. sqm. Selling Price: Ph 5,500,000.00 BEACH CLIFF- Code# A207 SONGCULAN, DAUIS- Very nice view of wharf and Maribojoc mountains, 8 meters cliff high, with 12.09 meters beach frontage. Lot Area:   3,155. sqm. @ Ph 3,170.00/sqm. Selling Price:  Ph10,000,000.00 HOUSE AND LOT -Code#A250 Catarman, Dauis, Bohol – One finished house with a garden, and swimming pool, has a large living room w/kitchen, a bedroom downstairs, 2 bathrooms, a very large room upstairs, two terraces, carport & stockroom, a total floor area of 185sq.m plus carport. Lot Floor Area:  185. sqm. Lot Area:  4,531.sqm. Selling Price:  Ph16,500,000.00 BEACH CLIFF -Code# A303 Bingag, Dauis, Bohol- 124 meters sea frontage. Lot Area:  173,000 sqm. @ 12,000.00/sqm. Selling Price:   Ph 876,000,000.00 BEACH CLIFF -Code# A307 Anda, Bohol- It is by the sea and by the provincial road in Sitio Ipo, Candabong, Anda, Bohol, around 200 meters away from the boundary between the towns of Guindulman and Anda. This place can boast of breathtaking views, serene ambiance, and a million and one options on how to come up with a resort, mini conservation park for rare and precious animals, and a dive shop – all in one! Lot Area:  15,112.sqm. @ Ph 2,400.00/sqm. Selling Price: Ph 36,268,800.00 BEACH LOT -Code# A317 Candabong, Anda, Bohol- 217 meters beach frontage, 80 meters away from the highway, 6 meters wide ROW Lot Area:  30,683. sqm. @2,000.00/sqm. Selling Price:   Ph 61,366,000.00 LOT ONLY - Code# A362 Dao, Dauis, Panglao, Bohol- it’s 600 meters to the ocean and high-end Flushing Meadows Resort. With 12.17 meters frontage. Flat terrain. Titled. Lot Area:  1,549.sqm. @ Ph6,000.00/sqm. Selling Price:   Ph 9,300,000.00 LOT ONLY -Code# A372 Laya, Baclayon, Bohol- Beach frontage 29.54 meters. National highway frontage 35.93 meters. With bonus 60 sqm floor area bungalow with 3 bedrooms & 1 toilet and bath at zero or as-is. (not included in valuation but still strong & habitable.) 14 Coco trees, 1 Santol tree, 1 Tambis,1 Avocado Trees. Titled. Lot Area:  1,589. sqm. Selling Price:  Ph12,000,000.00 BEACH CLIFF-Code# A404 Songculan, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol- with 35.54 meters beach front. Along the road. Titled. Lot Area: 20,110. sqm. @ Ph 5,000.00/sqm. Selling Price: Ph 100,550,000.00 BEACH CLIFF- Code# A407 Catarman, Dauis, Bohol- 2nd lot from the beach, 20 meters road frontage, has 5 meters wide right of way and 350 meters away from barangay road. Tax declaration. Lot Area: 1,784. sqm. @ Ph 2,500.00/sqm. Selling Price: Ph 4,460,000.00

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