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Panglao Island Bohol, TagbilaranCity, Bohol,
Selling price : Php 16,633,640
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Land space : 8 m²

WELCOME TO PANGLAO ISLAND BOHOL ! ! ! FOR SALE:  RESIDENTIAL LOTS R E S I D E N T I A L P R O P E R T I E S As of March 2018 A01 City Grande House & Lot Penaflor, Tagbilaran - Townhouse 4 bedrooms, 2 toilet & bath, parking area & 84sq.m floor area (inclusive of garage). Duplex 4 bedrooms, 2 toilet & bath, terrace, parking area, 94sq.m floor area, (inclusive of garage). Single detached 4 bedrooms, 2 toilet & bath, terrace, parking area, & 114sq.m floor area, (inclusive of garage). Lot Area: 97 Sq. M. Total Selling Price: P2,490,000.00 - P3,990,000.00 FOR SALE LOT ONLY:LOT FOR SALE LOT AREA: 400. SQ.M.LOT PRICE:  Ph 4,000.00/sq.m.Selling Price:   Ph 1,600,000.00TERMS:  - CASH - A05 Lot Only Saint Joseph, Tagbilaran- Few steps to Island City Mall (ICM) Potential for apartment, good neighborhood. Area: 334 Sq. M. Price / Sq. M.: P7,500.00 Total Selling Price: P2,505,000.00 A21 Lot Only Ubujan, Tagbilaran- This is a subdivided lots price is P3,500/sq.m. It is a peaceful place with good neighborhood & has ocean view fronting Maribojoc bay, Very relaxing even if you’re near the city. Lot Area: 807 Sq. M. Price / Sq. M.: P3,500.00 Total Selling Price: P2,824,500.00A35 Lot OnlySan Isidro, Dauis, Panglao island, Bohol - Paved road all the way flushing meadows resort, 1 minute drive from Holy spirit school lot, 10 minutes drive to crystal e, BISU, Alona beach, Bohol Beach Club, 1.5km. to Flushing meadows, eskaya, and 15 minutes to Tagbilaran City.Lot Area:  200. sq.m.P 10,417 monthly for 48 mos. to pay No interest  No downSelling Price: P500,016.00 A44 House & Lot Looc, Panglao Island, Bohol - One- storey-house built last 2010. It is indeed a nice Mediterranean inspired house with modular design. It has master’s bedroom with spacious Toilet & bath, with bathtub. 1 guest’s room & 1 office room with 1 toilet & Bath in between the rooms, 1 maid’s quarter with Toilet &bath..Which include, manicured garden, carport, underground water tank, concrete perimeter fence and with access road. Lot Area: 545. sq.m.Price/ sq.m. :    P13,761.47Selling Price: P7,500,000.00 A85 Lot OnlyLibaong, Panglao Island, Bohol - Along the Barangay road. It is 1.5 km away from Libaong public beach which has white & powdery sand, crystal clear seawater & unspoiled beach. Lot Area: 5,000. sq.m. Lot Price:  P1,500.00/sq.m.Selling Price: P7,500.000.00andLot Area: 1,600. sq.m.Lot Price:  1,500.00/sq.m.Selling Price: P2,400,000.00A92 Lot OnlyTawala, Panglao, Island, Bohol - There are 3 lots adjacent to each other with the same area, each having 22 meters lot frontage and all lots are along Barangay road. 15 mins walk to Alona beach. All titled No right of way.Lot Area:  1,602. sq.m.Lot Price:  P1,851.00/sq.m.Selling Price: P2,965,550.00A95 Lot OnlyBolod Panglao Island, Bohol - Along asphalted provincial road with 212 meters frontage, 2 mins drive to Panglao airport, 5 mins to Alona beach. each. All titled --No right of way.Lot Area: 700,000.sq.m.Lot Price:   P1,500.00/sq.m.Selling Price: P1,050,000,000.00A99  Lot OnlyDampas District, Tagbilaran City - Lumayag Subdivision 150 meters from Coop hospital with 10 meters wide right of way, 2 mins drive to Island City Mall  & Holy Name University.Lot Area: 300. sq.m.Lot Price:  P4,450.00/sq.m.Selling Price: P1,335,000.00A117 Lot OnlyUbujan, Tagbilaran City, Bohol - Just 20 meters more or less away from the provincial road, 5 meters right of way. It is ideal for putting pension house or having spacious residential house across to it is a coastal area of Ubujan & Manga strait where you can buy fresh seafood every day.Lot Area:  1,540. sq.m.Lot Price:  P2,000.00/sq.m.Selling Price: P3,080,000.00A119 Lot OnlyTaloto, Tagbilaran City, Bohol - Wow this property is very nice for residential house as it is situated peacefully and the bonus of it is your almost along the shoreline and have a magnificent ocean view esp. building in two storey house...the shoreline is covered by mangrove & it’s your intuition can make use of it as every nature has its potential if you have a brilliant idea after all with 3 meters Right of Way.Lot Price:  P2,000.00/sq.m.Lot Area and Price List;Lot Area:    368. sq.m. @ P1,030,000.00Lot Area:    406. sq.m. @ 1,136,800.00Lot Area:    668. sq.m. @ 1,870,400.00Lot Area: 1,074. sq.m. @ 3,007,200.00A126 Lot OnlyCatarman, Dauis Tagbilaran City - Along Barangay road, peaceful & quiet place, walking distance to the beach 82.33 meters frontages, Titled.Lot Price:  P1,200.00/sq.m.Lot Areas and Price List;Lot Area:    450. sq.m. @  P 540,000.00Lot Area:    500. sq.m. @ 600,000.00Lot Area:    630. sq.m. @ 756,000.00Lot Area:    750. sq.m. @ 900,000.00Lot Area:    900. sq.m. @ 1,080,000.00Lot Area:  1,000. sq.m. @ 1,200,000.00Lot Area:  1,500. sq.m. @ 1,800,000.00Lot Area:  1,530. sq.m. @ 1,836,000.00A134  Lot OnlyDampas, Tagbilaran City - Near divine mercy, 3 minutes drive to Island City Mall, Along Barangay road. 300 meters frontage. Lot Area:  52,796. sq.m.Lot Price:  P1,650.00/sq.m.Selling Price: P87,113,400.00  A134-A  Lot OnlyDampas District, Tagbilaran City - Near divine mercy, Coop Hospital 3 minutes drive to Island City Mall, Along Barangay road. 430 meters frontage. Lot Area:  102,640. sq.m.Lot Price:   P1,800.00/sq.m.Selling Price: P184,752,000.00A256  Lot Only Lourdes, Panglao Island, Bohol - Near Lourdes High School, Panglao, BoholLot Area: 6,702. sq.m.Lot Price:  P1,500.00/sq.m.Selling Price: P 10,053,000.00A299  Lot OnlyDanao, Panglao Island, Bohol - Along the road, very nice place. 2 minutes’ drive going to International Airport Panglao, 2 minutes drive going to Poblacion Panglao, 5 minutes drive going to Alona beaches. (titled) Lot Area: 22,017. sq.m.Lot Price:  P1,800.00/sq.m.Selling Price: P39,630,600.00A328  Lot OnlyDampas, Tagbilaran City, Bohol - along Barangay road with 66.07 meters frontage. Near Napocor and Cebu Sacred Heart College. 2 minutes drive going to Poblacion Panglao, 5 minutes drive going to Alona beaches. (titled)Lot Area:  1,709. sq.m.Lot Price:  P2,867.00/sq.m.Selling Price: P4,900,000.00 If you have some questions and concerns, please feel free to contact at my numbers;www.deoandflorealestates.comMobile :  +63 916 654 2086   (Viber)Mobile:   +63 998 350 7261    (smart)E-mail:    [email protected]:    [email protected]

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