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Puerto Azul, Ternate, Cavite-Philippines,
Selling price : Php 1,500,000
Down Payment : Consult us
Reservation Fee : Php 50,000

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Ternate, Cavite, Philippines

Please watch the AVP of the Zamora Championship Course

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We have 3 products to offer:
  • Golf Privilege Access Playing Rights
  • The CaZa Del Mar - Privilege Access Rights (to access all the amenities of CaZa Del Mar)
  • The Villa of CaZa Del Mar


Frequently Asked Questions;


1.)  What are the Golf Privilege Access Playing Rights (PAPR)?

The Golf PAPR is a special affiliate program to grant access and have the privilege of playing in the ZAMORA Championship Golf Course. The Golf PAPR is an alternative way of getting the privileges enjoyed by the traditional golf club membership without the hassle of admission processes and steep costs.

2.)  What are the benefits of Golf PAPR?

  • Year-round complimentary green fees, until the Year 2039 from the date of   acceptance
  • No monthly maintenance dues during the term of access Grant/Affiliation
  • Use of Golf Club House facilities and locker rooms
  • Special Access Pricing on green fees for accompanying guests, up to three(3) guests
  • Privilege Access Pricing on food and beverage
  • Invitation to special/exclusive Golf Course events and activities
  • Priority tee-times
  • Privilege Access Pricing on pro-shop merchandise
  • Transferable, subject to transfer fees and conditions.
    3.) What are the advantages of the Golf PAPR over traditional playing rights?

    Key advantages of the Golf PAPR

    1.  TERM Valid  up  to  2039 Has a term of 1 year to 5 years only
    2.  COST AND OTHER FEES One-Time payment Affiliation with no The charges separate joining fee,

    additional fees over and above the initial cost of

    the club share

    3.  MAINTENANCE DUES No  monthly  maintenance dues Monthly     due     range

    or assessments Ph 3,000. to Ph 5,000.00

    4.  GUEST  ALLOWED No limit on number of golfers, but will require Only 1 to 2 guests allowed

    reservation prior to game date;

    First 3  guests with  discount,

    remaining   guests    no discount.
    4.) Will my dependents enjoy the privileges I enjoy as an Affiliate?
    As an Affiliate, you shall be entitled to one (1) dependent, below 25 years old, who may also enjoy your privileges. Or alternatively, you may choose your spouse as your qualified dependent.

    How much many Privilege Access Playing Rights will be sold?
    A total of 1,000  PAPR will be available for sale

    6.) How much is the cost of becoming a Golf PAPR Affiliate?
    One of our authorized marketing representatives and affiliation advisors will be glad to discuss pricing and  and  terms that will suit your needs.

    7.) Can the PAPR be resold?
    Yes however, any such resold PAPR is valid only until year 2039.

    8.) What is the Zamora Championship Course?
    The Zamora Championship Course is the restored and redeveloped Puerto Azul golf course that had been long-held in high esteem by the golfing community that remembers it in its early glory days of the 70"s. It was originally designed by professional golfer and course designer, golfing legend Gary Player. Its apt moniker as the Pebble Beach of Asia is a well-deserved distinction due to its contrasting environs of untouched forest and the spectacular sea at play.

    9.) Where is it located?
    The Zamora Championship Course is located in Barangay Sapang l, Ternate, Cavite.
    • Today's new roads and infrastructure have made it even more accessible and easier to reach than ever.
    • By car, it is only 90 minutes from NAIA.
    • By ferry, it is merely 45 minutes from the Mall of Asia via Manila Bay.
    • As close as it is to the metropolis, once at the site, it is an entirely different world.
    • Its atmosphere is serene, pristine, with wide-open spaces, amazing landscape, and scenery, untouched forest, endless ocean, with the unobstructed wind cooling one's face at play.
    • It is the only coastal golf course within an hour and a half's drive from Manila.
    10.) Who is responsible for the redevelopment of the golf course?
    Mr. Salvador "Buddy" Zamora ll, alongside his son Mr. Salvador "Bodie" Zamora iii, armed with their renewed passion for the golf game, embarked into an ambitious restoration program of the golf course. Now, the course is a Par 72-course and ready to take on any major golfing tournaments of international caliber. Buddy Zamora is a renowned Philippine industry player in the fields of mining, renewable energy, Agro-industries, resort development, and telecommunications, and holds the championship for various companies in the said fields.

    11.) What is Buddy Zamora's vision for the Zamora Championship Course?
    Buddy Zamora's vision of a true championship course is aimed towards hosting many international golf tournaments. The course has been made more challenging by lengthening it from 6,500 yards to 7,200 yards, from par-71 to par-72, to make it a full championship course.
    His vision of a true championship golf course reaffirms the Philippines as a premier and world-class golf destination. The spectacular ocean views and untouched forest were maximized into play to create a golfing experience that is at par with the best by today's standards. The resulting transformation is an impeccable championship golf course filled with exciting and unexpected turns and visual surprises for both serious and leisure golfers.

    12.) What other restoration activities are being done at the Golf Clubhouse, for example?
    The Veranda Sitting Area is being restored. Once completed. Affiliates and guests can enjoy its stunning view of the closing 18th hole, with the spectacular ocean beyond. This area is ideal to cap the day's round of golf with snacks and refreshments, leisurely conversations, and sunset-watching over the seascape.

    13.) When is the validity period of the Golf Privilege Access Playing Rights?
    The Golf Privilege Access Playing Rights is valid from the date of the acceptance of the application for affiliation till the Year 2039. 

    As of today's, the Year 2023, that's a maximum of 16 years of unlimited access and tree green fees, plus other benefits during the term of Access Grant.

    14.)  How do we compare the Zamora Championship course to others?
    The Zamora Championship Course is one the best golf courses in the Philippines, and it is one of the few courses
    with beach view. And because of its "semi-private concept, it is like an amenity of the  Caza Del Mar resort facility.

    15.)  What are the requirements for buying foreigners?
    Since the Golf PARP is a membership type of concept, there is NO requirements for buying foreigners.

    PRIVILEGE ACCESS PLAYING RIGHTS     - - - - - - - Ph1,500,000.00
    The CaZa Del Mar - Privilege Access Rights - - - - -            800,000.00
    The Villa at CaZa Del Mar;
    1 Bedroom Unit
    2 Bedroom Unit

    Frequently Asked Questions

    CaZa Del Mar Privileged Access Rights

    Additional Development within the Puerto Azul-Zamora Property Project.
    Golf is only the beginning, The vision of the developers is to offer activities for the whole family, young and old. The natural beauty of the property is too precious to keep for only a few. It has to be shared, enjoyed, and cherished.

    In this regard, a major redevelopment shall be undertaken. It shall consist of facilities, amenities, and accommodation establishments that will provide leisure and relaxation activities to its visitors.

    Within the 88-hectare Zamora Golf Complex, family-oriented facilities and amenities will be made available. It is part of the CaZa Del Mar's development project which is being undertaken in partnership with CDMC, Toti Carino's group of Boracay's Fairways & Bluewater fame.

    Q. What is CaZa Del Mar?

    CaZa Del Mar is a social, sports, and recreational resort facility designed for the enjoyment of the family. It is envisioned to be a popular, widely frequented resort by families who enjoy weekend bonding activities that include the beach, swimming, outdoors, forest hike, horseback riding, and other family activities, all within less than 2 hours away from suburban Manila.

    Q. How does one access CaZa Del Mar?

    Access to CaZa Del Mar is through the CaZa Del Mar Privilege Access Rights Affiliation. (PAR)

    Q. What is the CaZa Del Mar Privilege Access Rights?

    The CaZa Del Mar Privilege Access Rights is the key to access CaZa Del Mar and all its facilities. Acquiring the CaZa Del Mar PAR makes one an Affiliate to CaZa Del Mar.

    Q. What are the benefits of becoming an Affiliate under the CaZa Del Mar Affiliations?
    • Year-round access to the Main Clubhouse and all its facilities, until year 2039 from date of acceptance.
    • No monthly maintenance dues during the term of Access Grant/ Affiliation.
    • Yea-round access to the Beach and Clubhouse and all its facilities, until year 2039 from the date of acceptance.
    • Year-round access to the Pool Pavilion and all its facilities, until year 2039
    • from the date of acceptance.
    • Privilege Access Pricing on food and beverage
    • Privilege Access Pricing on merchandise and other consumable and pre-determined fees.
    • Visit the Zamora Championship Course and pay for play, if desired.
    Q. What are the facilities of CaZa Del Mar?
    • CaZa |||Del Mar will provide its Affiliates and their families the following facilities:
    • Main Clubhouse offering indoor and outdoor activities for family enjoyment
    • Beach and Clubhouse is a private cove by the water with some 300 meters of quiet beach.
    • Outdoor Pool Pavilion with swimming pool, Al fresco  dining and pool bar
    • Seaside pitch and putt practice course for beginner and a different challenge for serious golfer
    • Spa and Wellness Center
    • Fine dining
    • Indoor and table games at the arcade
    • Horseback riding
    • Hiking and foot trails through the forest
    Q. When is the validity period of the CaZa Del Mar Privilege Access Rights?

    The CaZa Del Mar Privilege Access Rights holder  in good standing is valid from the date of acceptance of application for affiliation until July 2039. As of today, year 2021, that is a maximum of 18 years of unlimited access to all the facilities of CaZa Del Mar, plus other benefits during the term of Access Grant.

    Q. Why is the CaZa Del Mar Affiliation better than other existing country club memberships?

    Compared to other existing country club memberships, Affiliation to CaZa Del Mar is a One-Time Payment Affiliation, with no need for annual renewals, no joining fees, no membership fees, no hidden charges, and no monthly maintenance dues from date of acceptance until year 2039.

    Q. What are the accommodation facilities being offered to Affiliates of CaZa Del Mar?

    There are 50 private Luxury Villas planned. Those Villas are strategically located in areas that offer scenic views of the mountains and the seas.

    Q. What are the Luxury Villas?

    The Luxury Villas are private and premium accommodation homes for the family to enjoy amidst reserved forest areas, endless ocean, and a spectacular golf scape.
    Accommodation will be per villa per family to insure safety, security, and privacy.
    There will be 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom Luxury Villas for the family to choose from.
    Each Villa is delicately furnished and curated and will certainly give lasting pleasant memories to its guests.

    Q. How does one get access to the Luxury Villa?

    Access to the Luxury Villas is best secured by becoming an Accommodation Affiliate.

    Q. What are the benefits of becoming an Accommodation Affiliate of the Luxury Villa?

    An Accommodation Affiliate of the Luxury Villa gets 14 days of Free Accommodation every year in the Luxury Villas, from the date of acceptance until Year 2039.
    Free accommodation days are non-cumulative, with no carry over of unused days to the next year
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